VHF Yaesu FT-847

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Very High and Ultra High Frequencies don’t normally give the opportunity for such long-range contacts as HF. Normally at these frequencies we tend to refer to them as being line-of-sight, though this is not strictly accurate. The radio waves will follow the curvature of the earth to an extent.

VHF and UHF are regularly used when mobile, with radios fitted in vehicles, or with hand-held transceivers. There are many repeaters in towns and cities around the country that will extend the transmission range. Longer distance contacts can be made using modes such as single sideband rather than FM. VHF/UHF equipment tends to be cheaper than HF equipment so it gives newcomers to the hobby a chance to get on the air and make contacts without too much financial outlay.

VHF and UHF are routinely used by groups such as RAYNET, the radio amateur’s emergency network, who exist to provide communications support in times of emergency but who also regularly provide communications for sports events such as long distance horse rides, marathons, dog sledding events and many more.