Cobham Sports and Social Club,
BH21 3AA


1.       Name.

The Society will be known as the Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society.

2.       Aims.

The aims of the Society will be to:

2.1     promote friendship and co-operation among members,

2.2     encourage the free exchange of information concerning every aspect of Amateur Radio and allied subjects,

2.3     assist members in construction and experimentation,

2.4     help train Members for the transmitting licences,

2.5     and promote to the community by way of practical demonstrations and example the hobby of Amateur Radio.

3.       Affiliation.

The Society will be affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain.

4.       Membership.

Any persons interested in supporting the Aims of the Society will be eligible for membership at the discretion of the Committee.

4.1     Full members must be 18 years of age or over.

4.2      Junior Members must be under the age of 18. Junior members may not serve on the committee and may not vote at any AGM or EGM.

4.3     All members may be required to join the S&SC, as required by the current S&SC rules.

4.4     The Committee will have the power to grant Honorary Membership to any person who has rendered outstanding service to the Society. Such membership shall carry the full rights of membership, and shall be free from the FRARS part of their subscriptions. Honorary members may also be required join the S&SC (as laid down in 4.3) at their own cost, if they wish to attend the HQ regularly.

4.5     Members may sponsor a reasonable number of visitors at Society meetings. These visitors shall sign the Visitor’s Book. Any visitor may be requested to join the Society at their fourth visit.

4.6     All Members shall abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society. Whilst on S&SC property, members must also abide by S&SC rules. The Committee shall have the power to expel any Member whose conduct, in the opinion of at least three-quarters of the full Committee, renders the person unfit to be a member of the Society. No Member shall be expelled without being given the opportunity to appear before the Committee.

5.       Committee.

The Society’s affairs shall be administered by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee, in whom the Society’s property shall be vested shall consist of:

5.1     a Chairman who will preside at all meetings at which he is present,

5.2     a Vice-Chairman who will act as Chairman in the absence of the Chairman,

5.3     a Secretary who will be responsible for keeping the minutes of all Committee Meetings, the AGM and EGMs. He will ensure that all correspondence is correctly handled,

5.4     a Treasurer who will be responsible for keeping the Society’s accounts and advising the Committee on all financial matters. He will prepare the accounts for examination and present the examined accounts at the AGM. The Committee will approve an examiner prior to the AGM,

5.5     a maximum of eight Ordinary Members.

All Committee Members will take part in the general direction of the Society and assist in its management.

All Committee Members shall normally retire annually at the AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election. If an Officer should retire before the AGM, the Committee may nominate another Committee Member to take the post. This may include Co-opted Members.

6.       President.

The Members may, at an AGM or EGM, at their discretion, elect a President, having considerable knowledge & experience of the affairs of FRARS & Amateur Radio, the role of which is to:

6.1     provide advice and guidance as counsellor and mentor to members of the committee,

6.2     be the titular representative of the Club to outside bodies.

The President shall be eligible to attend, but not vote at, Committee Meetings, unless he/she is also separately voted onto the Committee. He/she shall continue in office from year to year until whichever of the following occurs: he/she retires from this office, or he/she ceases to be a member of the Society, or at the request of an AGM/EGM, after a majority vote.

7.       Co-opted Committee Members.

The Committee may contain not more than one Co-opted Member who will have full voting powers. Co-opted members must step down at the request of the committee.

8.       Committee Standing Orders.

8.1     Committee meetings may be called by the Chairman, Secretary, or at least 3 full members of the Committee. Meetings will normally be held monthly.

8.2     The quorum for a Committee shall be four, of whom two shall be Officers of the Society. In the absence of a quorum business may be dealt with, but any decisions taken only become valid after ratification at the next meeting at which a quorum exists.

8.3     The Chairman may vote.

8.4     Minutes will be taken at all Committee meetings and a copy will be circulated to all Committee Members and a copy put on display for the general membership.

8.5     Unless excluded by a majority vote of the Committee Members present, Society Members are entitled to attend Committee Meetings, where they may not vote, and may speak only if invited to do so by the Chairman.

9.       Ordinary Meetings.

The Society will normally meet at their Headquarters each week.

10.    Annual General Meeting.

10.1  An Annual General Meeting will normally be held on the last Sunday of November each year. At least 28 days notice shall be given to each member in writing. An AGM must be held once within each calendar year.

10.2  Only fully paid-up Members are eligible to vote.  A quorum shall consist of one third of paid-up Members. An AGM that is not quorate, must be abandoned and rescheduled.

10.3  The Agenda will include, and be limited to:

i.    Apologies for absence.

ii.  Minutes of the previous AGM.

iii. Chairman’s Report.

iv. Secretary’s Report.

v.   Treasurer’s Report.

vi. Approval of Accounts

vii.          Election of a new Committee.

viii.         Other Notified Business.

10.4  The outgoing Chairman will chair items i. to vi. He will then ask a paid-up Member who is neither a Member of the outgoing Committee nor standing for election to the new one, to Chair item vii. The new Chairman shall chair item viii. Where there are not sufficient valid nominations to elect the main Officers of the Club, section vii will be abandoned and the existing Officers and Committee will remain in post; an EGM must then be held at the earliest opportunity to conduct the Election of New Committee.

10.5  A Nomination form for the Committee shall have columns for a Proposer and a Seconder, and will be placed on the Notice Board not less than 14 days before the AGM. Nominations must be entered on this form up to 4 days before the AGM, when it will be removed by the Secretary. Nominations will only be valid if the Nomination has been proposed and seconded and the Nominee confirms at the AGM or previously in writing that he or she is prepared, if nominated and elected, to serve on the Committee.

10.6  Items to be raised by members under “other Notified Business” shall be notified to the Secretary not less than 21 days before the AGM.

11.    Extraordinary General Meeting.

11.1  An EGM can be called by the Committee, or by 50% of the paid-up Members.

11.2  The date of the EGM shall be the earliest convenient to the Committee. Notice must be given in writing to the Secretary, who shall give members at least 14 days notice in writing of the date and agenda. No other business shall be transacted at the EGM. If the Secretary is unable to perform this duty, the membership may nominate an Acting Secretary for the purposes of the EGM only.

11.3  The quorum for an EGM shall be the same as that for an AGM.

12.    Finance.

12.1  The annual subscriptions shall be set by the Committee. Any major changes in the structure shall be ratified at the next AGM.

12.2  The subscriptions are due on the 1st January each year. New Members joining after the 1st January will be required to pay the full annual amount, except that pro-rata may be levied during the latter part of the year at the discretion of the Committee.

12.3  The Committee shall have the power to waive or reduce the FRARS part of the subscription of an individual Member for a year at a time should they deem it desirable.

12.4  Members whose subscriptions are more than 4 weeks in arrears have no voting rights. Those who are 2 months in arrears shall be deemed to have left the Society.

12.5  The Committee may invest such parts of the Society’s funds as they deem advisable in Government Securities or Savings Accounts, or in Bank Accounts. Such accounts shall be in the name of the Society.

12.6  All monies received by the Society shall be deposited in the Society’s Bank Account as soon as practical with the exception of a cash float.

12.7  All significant items of expenditure or commitment must be supported by a prior resolution of the committee. The amounts that shall constitute significant expenditure and rules governing how items of lesser expenditure should be transacted shall be governed by the Society By-Laws.

12.8  Cheques on any of the Society’s accounts shall be signed by two signatories. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be authorised signatories.

12.9  Equipment and literature from the Society’s pool are available to Members for short periods subject to the Society’s Rules for Hire.

13.    Licences.

All Members or visitors using the Society’s or their own equipment on the Society’s premises, or at events run by the Society or using the Society’s Call-signs must observe the current terms of the licences, and the FRARS operating rules. All licensed Members or persons applying for membership may be required to produce documented evidence that they have a valid licence.

14.    By-Laws

A list of rules and By-Laws of the Society will be maintained. This will be displayed on the club notice board. Amendments to the By-Laws may only be made by the Committee, after which, the Secretary should update this list at the earliest convenience.

15.    Amendments to the Constitution.

The Constitution can only be amended at an AGM, or at an EGM called for that purpose. The proposed amendment will be given to the Members with the agenda for the meeting.

16.    Winding up the Society.

16.1  The decision the wind up the Society, or to amalgamate with another organisation may only be taken at an EGM.

16.2  The funds of the Society shall, after the sale of all assets and payment of outstanding debts, be disposed of to Registered Charities, or to societies of similar interest of not less than ten years standing, as directed by Members at the final EGM.



“Quorum for AGM/EGM”. This will be a percentage of the paid up Members. This total membership will include all paid up full members, but will not include Honorary Members who have not attended the Club within the previous 12 months.

“Written notice”. Shall include electronic forms of communication.

“Bank”. Shall include Building Societies.

“Officer of the Society”. Refers to Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.