Earth-Moon-Earth (EME)

Moonbounce, also known as Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) is about bouncing signals off the surface of the moon and receiving the reflected signals back here on earth. So anyone on Earth who can see the moon can receive the reflected signals. This means that we can make contacts over large distances such as across Europe and to North America.

The signal strength of the reflected signals is reduced enormously and to overcome this requires working with specialist equipment and large antennas or a large dish. See the photograph of the club’s 12 foot (3.7 meter) diameter dish, which can follow the moon as it passes across the sky.

Apart from making contacts, a lot of the club members who participate do it for the challenge of overcoming the difficulties in putting together and operating this equipment, which operates on the edge of what is feasible.

There is usually activity at the club most Wednesday afternoons and details of special events will be posted. For further details contact the club secretary.

EME Dish