Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) or Moonbounce

FRARS operates a world class EME station that can operate on most of the microwave bands. FRARS’s 12 foot (3.7 meter) diameter dish, which can follow the moon as it passes across the sky can be seen in the picture above.

There is activity at the club most Wednesday afternoons.

A history of EME at FRARS can be found here.

For enquiries about EME at FRARS and visiting FRARS on an EME activity day, please submit an enquiry using the form here.

Tracking the Moon (Medii)

John M5AHQ talks about the development of the software used to track the FRARS 3.4 m dish onto the moon.

A View of 10 GHz Signal Reports

Julian G3YGF looks at actual vs theoretical signal reports on 10 GHz EME.

Last Contact to Switzerland HB9 on 3.4 GHz EME

A first and last 3.4 GHz EME QSO to Switzerland before the Swiss authorities remove the 3.4 GHz band