Amateur TV

Did you know, amateur radio operators from intermediate license level and above are allowed to send television signals ‘over the air’!

Using a variety of home-made equipment, there are a few bands where we can send live television signals from one place to another, and there are repeaters in this area and across the country that will increase the transmission range. It is a technical side of the hobby that is increasing in popularity. This exciting aspect of the hobby has advanced over the years, mostly due to the work of the British Amateur Television Club (BATC).

Until relatively recently amateur TV has required people to design and build a majority of the equipment needed for this method of transmission themselves, rather a daunting task for most people. However, in the last couple of years they have developed equipment based around the Raspberry Pi micro-computer which makes the entry route into this fascinating – but challenging – side of amateur radio much easier.

The BATC have developed a modular approach and sell all of the circuit boards required to build your own ATV transmitter and receiver. You will need to source the components yourself and the boards will require a reasonable level of proficiency with a soldering iron as they are mostly surface mount components, but this really does bring ATV within reach of a lot of people. As usual, advice and help can be freely available from club members at FRARS.