Intermediate Course 2nd & 3rd November 2019


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If you already have a Foundation Licence and would like to take your next step in Amateur Radio then why not enrol on our Intermediate Licence course.

This course is 2 weekends of classroom training 2/3 November and 16/17 November (with the middle weekend off for your own private study), all the practical assessments and guidance.

The will you need to do is purchase the “The Intermediate Licence Manual’  book from the RSGB and have a thorough read before the course commences. To ensure you get the most recent edition of the training book we recommend purchasing direct from the RSGB.

The only ‘extra’ you need to consider is that students must build a radio related project in their own time but will be required to demonstrate it working on the course. We can recommend a variety of kits and these are required to demonstrate a student’s ability to identify components, solder etc. The training team is on hand to help if you get stuck. The core is that it must be an ‘off the shelf’ kit, be related to the hobby in some way and must require soldering of individual components.

The exam is held on the second Sunday afternoon and indicative results will be given on the day. You can select to take the exam on paper or via the online test system.

We provide everything else for your course.

Closing date for applications is 18th October 2019

FRARS Course fee is £42.50
RSGB Exam fee is £32.50

What is the exam?

The Intermediate exam is very straightforward and consists of 45 multiple choice questions which you have 1hr 25 minutes to answer. You have the option to take the exam in ordinary paper format or via an online testing system.

The paper format exam is checked by the invigilators straight after the exam so you will have a good idea if you have passed before you leave. The formal marking is carried out electronically at the RSGB Examinations Department and your official result is posted to you about a week later.

If you opt to take your exam online you get an instant result. FRARS can provide a small number of laptops for students to use during the exam but students are recommended to bring their own as it is familiar to them. Your operating system should be either Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.8 or above.