2023-10-31 YO DX HF Contest Win for G4R

YO DX HF Contest 2022 win for G4R

As usual YO DX HF is one of the favourite contests for club member Romeo YO4RDW! It was great to make some 67 QSOs on 10 m and get them in the log. A total of 1204 QSOs were achieved.

The graphs show the QSO rate and the distribution of activity across the bands.

Conditions were not great, with 80 m and 40 m very noisy. Also, the rate dropped during the night and Romeo had time for pork pies and coffee!

The goal was to win the contest and that goal was achieved!

It was a great time and a lot of fun.

Article by Romeo YO4RDW, 31/10/2023.